While the incredibly well-liked device is as a friendly and feature-rich operating system, it arrives with some limitation, such as limiting installation of apps to those available through the App Store. But there’s a solution: Jailbreaking.

However, with each version of iOS a new technique of unlocking the operating system must be developed, and often that approach varies among the various devices which operate on it.

iOS 7 on iPhone 5
This brings us to jailbreak iOS 7 on the iPhone 5: it currently can’t be done. The main risk of attempting to jailbreak an iPhone 5 running iOS 7 is very, irrevocably destroying the device with no strategy to recover it. A less severe risk is paying a third-party to jailbreak the device simply to have it never happen. The worst of all scenario is having both happen at once.

The hacker group evad3rs is currently implementing development of a jailbreak utility for iOS 7, titled Evasion, for all supported devices: however, because of a rumored theft of code on 12 December 2013 this may in no way come to fruition.

The best method currently available for Jailbreaking an iPhone 5 is to never update iOS past iOS 6.1.2, since vulnerabilities enabling jailbreak iOS7 exploits have been blocked by simply Apple since iOS 6.1.3. There are many reputable methods of Jailbreaking an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.2 or prior readily available, including an iOS 6 version of Evasion.

iOS 7 on iPhone 4
While an iPhone 5 running iOS 5 (or iOS 6.1.3 or higher) cannot be jailbroken, iPhone 4 is currently vulnerable to an exploit that allows this. This is because the exploit targets components vulnerability instead of firmware vulnerability, and therefore it only works for Apple A4 based products: the iPhone 4, 1st generation iPad, and 2nd generation ipod itouch 4, and Apple TV.
Jailbreaking iOS7 for iPhone 4 is pretty straight forward. It uses an exploit tool called Rage Break built on the Opensn0w task and from winocm and makes use of Geohot’s limeraln exploit, a basic bootrom exploit present since iOS 4.

This technique uses a modification of Saurik’s iOS 6 version of Cydia, and may be viewed as a beta development at greatest. Further, this jailbreak is tethhered, that means the device should be connecting to a computer through the USB cable in order to carry it out. In addition, it isn’t a permanent answer, and every time the device is fully rebooted (such as when the battery is entirely drained) the process must be done again in order to jailbreak the device. There is currently no auxiliary unmetered jailbreak ios 7 exploit to be used in conjunction with this bottom exploit.


tacoma immigration jailThere are millions of undocumented immigrants that live, work and spend their hard earned money in the United States. Many people also do not agree with the way these immigrants are being prosecuted and thrown out of the country. They have lives and families here that care for them. In case they are being pulled over, and they do not have legal US papers on them, they will be put into a correction facility. One of the most famous detention centers is the tacoma immigration jail. People who get into this jail are being held in there for a few months, until the day of their hearing. These hearings can be a few months after their arrival to the jail, so they will stay in there for a while before they get deported or set free to rejoin their lives.

They do not live the time of their lives in there as there have been multiple reports of food poisoning, and the inmates cannot really do much while they are in there. They can play card games with other inmates; they can talk with their loved ones through the telephone, but for a limited time only. There are visiting hours when they can they can be visited by their loved ones, but that is not really enough to justify that they are being held captive in a jail just because they do not have legal papers.

Many families that have a loved one locked up decide to ask for professional help from immigration attorneys who can help them set the inmates free, so they can rejoin their lives and continue the way they were. If you have a relative that needs help to get legal papers or to get out of one of these correctional facilities, be sure to call an immigration law firm.

tacomaMany lawyers specialize in the protection of immigrants, and the chances of freedom exponentially rise with a good lawyer.

Some non-profit organizations try to help the families of the people in the center, as they bring food and drinks to the jail in visiting hours; they listen to their stories and protest. Many people do not agree with the way these people are prosecuted, one minute on the street as a free man, the next locked up for who knows how long. Some of the inmates who are in the detention center are just people who were pulled over and asked for identification. As they do not have the required papers, because they are illegally in the US, they are brought in to the jail.

Sometimes these vigils are supported by a TV station, which spreads the word out to the whole country. Some of the families that show up can’t afford to bail out the person who is in the jail as they have a low income, and they struggle to survive as it is. Some of the inmates in the detention center arrive in the middle of the night, their belongings are confiscated as evidence, and they are not even allowed to make a free call home, to tell their family what happened. There are people who were never in a jail before, not dangerous people, but immigrants. More than 1000 inmates are housed in the detention center. The jail is expanding with an additional 500 beds for the immigrants who are caught without legal papers. Tacoma immigration is not a new thing, it has been going on for a while, but people are just now standing up against it. The Northwest Detention Center is not the only tacoma immigration jail, and there will be more of these facilities if nothing is done against the harsh way immigrants are dealt with.

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